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Øresunds Open 2018

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  • 08.01.2018
  • Patrick Terrence Brooks

The Copenhagen Taido Dojo is hosting the 2018 Øresunds Open and training camp.



Registration if now open!



Saturday 24th of February from 10.00-17.00

Address:        Gymnastikhuset, DGI-byen

Tietgengens gade 65

1704 København V

Copenhagen, Denmark


Øresunds Open Disciplines:

  • Jissen
    • < 2. kyu (men/women)
    • > 2. kyu (men/women)
    • Dantai (men/women/mix)
  • Hokei
    • < 2. kyu (men/women)
    • > 2. kyu (men/women)
  • Junior hokei
    • Self-composed hokei-style series of techniques for taidoka under 12 years of age

Discipline pools will be made in order for the participant to experience the most possible matches. The setup of the above noted disciplines can be changed if the number of participants in a single discipline is too low, which can lead to mix-gender disciplines.



Øresunds Open 2018: 200 DKK per participant

Training Camp: 150 DKK per participant

Payment options:

Registration is preferably done by a dojo representative if more than one participant is competing. Send a registration form or an email (containing information on age, sex, rank and dojo/country), as well as any questions to us at kbh.taido@gmail.com.

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